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Top Useful Websites for Bible Study

Top Useful Websites for Bible Study

From time to time I get asked to recommend some good websites for studying Biblical texts and for free research resources. So in this article, I decided to offer a collection of links with some brief annotations. If you are not using the web for reading and studying the Bible already, you probably should consider it. The main reason is the speed with which you can find passages, cross-reference them, and broad keyword searches.

One of my favorites in The site is easy to navigate and offers the Bible in many languages and so many English translations. They even have Bible in Audio format. Another great one is This site has free Bible Dictionaries, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia for free, and even access to Hebrew Lexicons. (here). Another great site for Reading and studying is This site is based on the KJV and Textus Receptus. They offer great language study tools for Biblical research – Strong’s Concordance (Hebrew and Greek), Thayer’s Lexicon (Greek) and Gesenius’ Lexicon (Hebrew/Aramaic). These dictionaries may be older an now is in the public domain, but they contain excellent info.

If you are looking for even more technical and deeper way of looking into the original text of the Bible then I can recommend Besides the numerous Bible versions, dictionaries and valuable reference tools this website has a very nice interlinear Bible layout. You can see the original text, the corresponding English terms and all the grammatical features of the original words, such as what part of speech the word it, its gender, number, (for verbs – Tense and Aspect). This is useful if you like to be very clear on the grammatical flow of the original texts. BibleHub has an impressive array of free tools and taking the time to learn how to use them is well worth it.

If you like to compare texts has a collection of Textus Receptus versions and Wescott Hort text as well. They also have Vulgate in Latin and R.H. Charles’ Apocrypha of the OT.


I am an educator, researcher, a faculty member and an avid believer in online education. My specialties are Sacred Texts and Cultures (Second Temple period, early Judaism and nascent Christianity). I am passionate about meaning, context, and cultural transmission of ancient texts. My preoccupations with history, ancient languages and contextual interpretation often find expression in my blog posts. Every human has a pretext, every message has a context. Context changes everything! Enjoy reading.

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  1. Thank you so much for these resources – like you, I believe that Context, context, context
    and getting right back to the foundation of the scriptures is vital to our understanding and studies of the Word of God. These resources will help greatly in our group Bible study – Shalom and thanks again!

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