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Seeing Jesus Among The Rabbis

Seeing Jesus Among The Rabbis

Jesus was a Rabbi. But how does that matter? This understanding has no value if one does not know much about ancient Rabbis. Merely stating that Jesus is Jewish or that he was a Rabbi means absolutely nothing unless one understands what stands behind such identity. What do Rabbis do? What are their core values? How do they practice their calling? How are they different from priests? What about Pharisees? Do Rabbis use any special teaching methods? Are their teachings authoritative? What do their rulings mean? The questions never end…

Reading Jesus as a Rabbi, as a teacher of Torah’s wisdom could be very rewarding, but it requires study and understanding the world of the Rabbis. Most of what people know about the world of the Rabbis comes from Rabbinic Literature, which dates to the 3rd century and later.  And the collection is vast. How can one digest so much information and find material relevant to the days of Jesus?

There are a few helpful books for Christians who want to read Jesus in his Synagogue context. This is not an endorsement of these particular titles or authors, but just a list of helpful resources. Some of these books are more academic in nature, others are on the lighter side and more devotional. I suggest reading book reviews to gauge their depth.


I am an educator, researcher, a faculty member and an avid believer in online education. My specialties are Sacred Texts and Cultures (Second Temple period, early Judaism and nascent Christianity). I am passionate about meaning, context, and cultural transmission of ancient texts. My preoccupations with history, ancient languages and contextual interpretation often find expression in my blog posts. Every human has a pretext, every message has a context. Context changes everything! Enjoy reading.

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