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Beyond the English Bible III: Lexicon

Beyond the English Bible III: Lexicon

Many people know that the Bible they read is a transition. How can a serious student of the Bible go beyond the English text of the Bible?  The answer to this question is not always simple and it is not the same for everyone.  The translations are never perfect, no matter how good the translators are. This is where a good Lexicon becomes a useful tool. We are all merely human and every translation is an interpretation as we bring our own baggage to the translation process.

Before I get much further I have to say that the best, most amazing, yet most difficult path is to take the time to learn Hebrew and Greek. But I realize that is not possible for everyone. And there are some alternatives which I promise to share with you. In my first article on the topic (Beyond the English Bible I: Concordance) I shared some concordance resources and links where you can find some of them for free. Some Bible students are satisfied with looking things up in Strong’s Concordance. But Stong’s is not the end of the line. In my second article on the topic (Beyond the English Bible II: Interlinear) I explained which English edition suites the beginners best. In this article, I want to take you a little deeper. 

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I am an educator, researcher, a faculty member and an avid believer in online education. My specialties are Sacred Texts and Cultures (Second Temple period, early Judaism and nascent Christianity). I am passionate about meaning, context, and cultural transmission of ancient texts. My preoccupations with history, ancient languages and contextual interpretation often find expression in my blog posts. Every human has a pretext, every message has a context. Context changes everything! Enjoy reading.