SEEK THE CONTEXT: Biblical Texts, Language, Cultural Background & Meaning. Context Changes Everything!

About blog is a project of Peter Shir LLC, a company which promotes religious, cultural and historical literacy through interactive education and development of innovative learning resources.

My name is Peter (Pinchas) Shir and I am a researcher, professional educator, and a lifelong student. As a blogger and thinker, I care less about the theological dogmas and much more about what the Scriptures actually mean in context. I do not mean to be disrespectful of longstanding traditions. I am just more interested in the meanings perceived by ancient listeners of the Bible rather than theology that was built upon these texts. This website is focused on exploring the context of the Bible (linguistic, cultural, historical, archaeological, geographical and etc). Why? Because every day countless Bible passages are read, studied, explained and taught to untold numbers of people completely ignoring their unique natural context. But taking words out of context can be so dangerous… I believe that context matters. In fact, I believe context changes everything!

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