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If you Forgive the Sins

Have you ever wished you did not hear or see something? What we see and hear is hard to put back into a box of non-existence. Once we experience something we simply cannot put it out of our mind.  Basically,…Continue Reading

Mark Kinzer and N. T. Wright on the Meaning of Israel

Dr. Mark Kinzer is one of the most prominent Messianic Jewish theologians. And Dr. Wright is a very well-known author and theologian, a retired archbishop of the Church of England. This video is their discussion on the meaning of Israel…Continue Reading

Two Video Lectures on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Two lectures on Dead Sea Scroll found at Qumran and their significance for biblical studies. How the scrolls were found? What do they teach us and what their texts represent? Sample readings from the scrolls. The lectures were recorded live, they are unedited, complete with questions and comments from the live audience.

Roman Dining Room Mosaic in Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt – Ahram Online reports that a team of Egyptian and Polish archaeologists discovered a well-preserved Roman mosaic floor in a house at the site of Kom El-Dikka, which features a small theater, an imperial bath, and a group…Continue Reading

Help for Imperfect Scribes

Have you ever sent an email and then realized that you colossally misspelled a couple of words in your message? I have. And even worse, the grammatical structure of one of my sentences was so backward that I truly wondered…Continue Reading

Sunday vs. Saturday and Messianic Jews

There is a long-standing debate over Sunday and Saturday among Christ-followers, both Jewish and non-Jewish. The institution of Sunday in historical Christianity is a well-known fact and for many Christians, their very identity is tied to Sunday and what it…Continue Reading

The Bethlehem Seal

Back in 2012 some volunteers and archeologists have uncovered a number of important discoveries while sifting through dirt in vicinity of Jerusalem Archaeological Park near Siloam pool. Among the findings was an ancient clay seal (bulla) which was probably used…Continue Reading

A City from the days of David and Saul Discovered

Researchers from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority and Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, believe they have discovered the Philistine town near Kiryat Gat, immortalized in the Biblical narrative. Ziklag is mentioned multiple times in the Bible…Continue Reading

Is Kosher Biblical?

You are probably intrigued. Why would anyone suggest that Kosher is not biblical? Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 articulates what should be eaten and what should not be eaten by Israelites without ambiguity. However, the terminology of Kosher vs. Unkosher…Continue Reading

What Kinds of Fish Were Eaten in Ancient Jerusalem?

Over the past century and a half, archaeologists have excavated a variety of sites in Jerusalem, bringing to light many aspects of everyday life in the biblical city. The examination of ceramic vessels for cooking and serving, as well as…Continue Reading

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